Thirty One


As I reflect on my year of being 31 and look ahead to 32, allow me to pay respect to my favorite number 31 of all time, Reggie Miller.

Much of my childhood was spent in Indianapolis during the 1990’s. During that time, the Indiana Pacers enjoyed a run of success that was highlighted by their central figure, Reggie Miller.

His hard work, grit, and determination propelled him to overcome his slender frame and size to excel as a leader and professional athlete. He was the perfect role model for a kid with dwarfism.

Through college and my early career, I stuck to those qualities of Reggie that inspired me so much. I realized early in my career that I was always going to have to challenge myself to get better and silence the doubters. In December of last year, all of that determination paid off, when I was offered a job to join Dave Ramsey’s team in Nashville. Having the opportunity to work and live here has been a goal realized and was the highlight of my life at 31.

Looking forward
Today, I remain fueled by faith in God, determination, and sheer will to succeed. I have a gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids I adore. Indeed, I am richly blessed.

Sure, there are and will be bumps in the road, But, when those bumps occur, I just do what I’ve always done.

Fight through, work hard, and never give up. Just as Reggie showed me.

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