What Are You Expecting Of Yourself?

Each week, Dan Miller’s 48 Days podcast is a must-listen. Last week, Dan asked a question that really stuck out to me.

What are you expecting of yourself?

Do you set a goal or task, confident that you will achieve it? Or, has self-doubt crippled your ability to see yourself succeeding at anything?

Growing up as a little person, it was not hard to find people who worried about how my life might end up. Would I be able to work a normal job? Get married? Have a family?

While they may have wondered if I would achieve those seemingly simple, common goals, I expected it.

At a young age, I visualized myself with a successful career, a wife, and children. Through prayer, patience, and hard work, God allowed my vision to become a reality.

Today, I work as a web developer, and I am married to a Godly, beautiful (more than I ever imagined!) young woman. Together, we have been blessed with an amazing 18-month old son.

It all started when I ignored all the worrying going on around me, and set high expectations of myself.

If I can do it, I know you can, too.

Are there areas in youe life where you don’t expect much of yourself? Are there things you would like to accomplish, but don’t believe you can? Start this week by raising the bar on your expectations. You will be amazed by how far it can take you.

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