The First Step of Humility

Just two weeks ago, we went to work. We took our kids to school. We had lunch with colleagues or prospects. We heard rumblings about chaos happening in a far away country, but we were in control and our lives remained normal.

Today, those two weeks feel like a lifetime ago. Suddenly, nothing seems certain. We have far less control than we think. That’s okay, though. There is a God who is at work in this story. He is in control.

Acknowledging this reality is the first step toward grace, humility, and love.

By Kris Hammons

My name is Kris Hammons. I have overcome challenges to become a husband, father, aspiring writer and public speaker. I write about positive living, and inspirational leadership.

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  1. I also hope it’s a step for the American society to return to the Lord… that they would look for control and peace in the right place!!! It is to be found!!

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