Now It’s Time To Show Up

Welcome to the first week of 2022. The holiday season is over. The end of year reflections all (or mostly) done. You’ve even had time to look ahead in anticipation to what 2022 holds for you, your family, relationships and work.

Now comes the hard part. Now it’s time to show up.

By showing up, I am not talking about arriving, achieving a task, checking a box. That’s called participation.

Showing up is keeping your vision for 2022 in front of you while keeping in mind that yesterday is in the past, tomorrow is a mystery and the real beauty is in the gift that is today.

Being present is where your best version of you will happen. Your best work, your deepest conversations, meaningful memories. Without presence, you will merely be coasting.

So, what will it be? Are you simply here for the attendance record or checking the box. Or, are you here to lean in?

The choice is yours.

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