March Madness, My Wife, And Playing Your Role

Like many this time of year, I get caught up in the thrill and excitement of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. From filling out brackets, to watching them quickly erode when every year’s “Cinderderella Story” makes a deep run. I can’t get enough of it and try to catch as much of it as I can on TV. By the time the Final Four rolls around, my wife is ready to hide the remote.

During tournament play, coaches work hard to get their players to understand how their role fits into the gameplan. When the players understand their role, everyone is on the same page. They become confident in thier abilities, and realize that working together gives them the best chance to win.

This is not unlike our own lives. Each of us have roles to play in our family, our job, even among our friends. Like a basketball team, we give ourselves the best chance to succeed when we realize two things: realize that the role you play is important, and that you must work to constantly improve in those roles.

People often ask my wife what she does for work. With the hint of isignificance, her response is usually “Oh, I am just a stay-at-home mom.” I can never seem to remind her enough that our household would cease to function without her hard work, knowledge, and growing experience. Sure, I may work to “bring home the bacon”. But, that does not mean that my role is any more important than hers.

Too often, we allow doubt to blind us of the fact that we play important roles in the lives around us. We may convince ourselves that the roles we play in our work and family are insignficant. But, they do.

This leads us to failing to see the importance of improviing in these roles. One of my favorite characteristics of my wife is her drive to constantly get better at everything she does. If she had no clue how important her role was in our household, she would likely see no reason to improve or change.

Never forget that you and your role are both unique and vitally important. Realizing the importance of those roles and putting in hard work to improve in those roles, will help you succeed in playing your role effectively at home, in the work place, and beyond. Set aside time to evaluate these roles and how you can improve in those roles.

What are roles in your life that you feel you can improve upon? Are there roles that other people play that impact you?


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