Here’s a Life Hack For Having More Presence In Your Life

Slow smoked chili that I cooked on Labor Day Weekend

Over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered a life hack to become more present, especially on the weekends at home.

Find a hobby that forces you to slow down.

For me, that’s slow smoking foods. Everything from fish to pulled pork, and even the occasional steak.

It can’t be rushed and every step of the process is deliberate.

The best part is that when it’s all done, I get to share the results with others.

What is that thing for you that forces you to slow down and connect with others?

Share it in the comments 👇

One response to “Here’s a Life Hack For Having More Presence In Your Life”

  1. Our backyard pool! The kids play and neighbors visit, friends arrive and we all linger outdoors in the water and around the table. The kids would stay in the water all day and as a parent you can’t stop watching over them, so there is TIME to sit, chat, share a drink, converse and connect!

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