Morning routine habits that transformed my productivity

Recently, I had been growing increasingly frustrated at being rushed in the mornings. This was due to lack of a solid morning routine. Too often, my day was getting away from me before it even began. Due to symptoms of my type of dwarfism, I often wake up with moderate to sometimes severe arthritis. Sure,… Continue reading Morning routine habits that transformed my productivity

The First Step of Humility

Just two weeks ago, we went to work. We took our kids to school. We had lunch with colleagues or prospects. We heard rumblings about chaos happening in a far away country, but we were in control and our lives remained normal.

Focusing on today

As a rule, I am very much on board with being all in on the long game, as Gary Vaynerchuk often talks about. This simply means there are few decisions that I will make today that doesn’t take into account the future vision I have for my work and my family. This means I often… Continue reading Focusing on today

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When It Pours

You wake up with stiffness in your aging back. The kids refuse to move as fast as you’d like, which is now making you late for work. You hurry to your car only to hear that dreaded sound, ‘click … click’. In a matter of minutes, your hopeful morning feels as though it is falling… Continue reading When It Pours

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Thirty One

As I reflect on my year of being 31 and look ahead to 32, allow me to pay respect to my favorite number 31 of all time, Reggie Miller. Much of my childhood was spent in Indianapolis during the 1990’s. During that time, the Indiana Pacers enjoyed a run of success that was highlighted by… Continue reading Thirty One

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Your Labor Matters

Most of us think of Labor Day as the annual holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer. By now, most of kids are back in school, and the swimming gear has been put away for yet another year.

Just How Important Is Your First Impression?

Nearly a year ago, I heard about a new coffee shop that had just opened the town where we live, called Purdy’s Coffee Company. Although I write and work from home, there are days when I need a change of scenery. So, when I learned about Purdy’s, it wasn’t long before I just had to… Continue reading Just How Important Is Your First Impression?