Hi, my name is Kris

I am a dad of 3 and husband to my lovely wife, Breanne. My family and I live in Franklin, Tennessee where I work for Dave Ramsey’s team. To say that we are blessed would be a massive understatement.

When I was born though, no one could have thought that the journey of my life would look this way.

My Story

I was born premature and an array of medical complications were discovered soon after. Difficiencies were found in hearing and vision. In addtiion, doctors realied that I also had a form of skeltal dysplasia — more commonly known as dwarfism.

Childhood consisted of countless visits to the hospital and surgical proceedures.

At a young age, I wondered what my adult life would be like and began dreaming of the things I could do. Pondering on all the things I could *not* do was never an option.

As they say, timing is everything. The rise of the internet provided an outlet for me to teach myself visual design and web development. Today, I get to use those skills to build digital products that change lives.

When I am not at work, I enjoy precious time with my family, following my favorite sports teams, dabbing in Photography, reading, and writing.