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Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to Michael Jr. speak at my company’s weekly devotional. To say the least, he was awesome. As part of his message, he shared with us this video. It serves as a great reminder that our true value in life is what we give, not what we take.

When It Pours

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When it pours

You wake up with stiffness in your aging back. The kids refuse to move as fast as you’d like which is now making you late for owrk. You hurry to your car only to hear that dreaded sound, ‘click … click’. In a matter of minutes, your hopeful morning feels as though it is falling apart before your very eyes. Continue Reading…

Thirty One

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As I reflect on my year of being 31 and look ahead to 32, allow me to pay respect to my favorite number 31 of all time, Reggie Miller.

Much of my childhood was spent in Indianapolis during the 1990’s. During that time, the Indiana Pacers enjoyed a run of success that was highlighted by their central figure, Reggie Miller.

His hard work, grit, and determination propelled him to overcome his slender frame and size to excel as a leader and professional athlete. He was the perfect role model for a kid with dwarfism.

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In the span of a few short years, I have gone from a single (and broke) college student, to married with two beautiful children. I cannot begin to tell you how these new roles have totally redefined my purpose in life. Of course, no transition is entirely seamless. There have been bumps in the road, mistakes made, and lessons learned. One of the toughest lessons was unpluging from the digital wrelm.

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Monkey Business

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During Memorial Day weekend, my family took a not-so-planned trip to the Louisville Zoo. We had been wanting to take out two year old son, Noah, for a while now. But, we wanted to wait as long as we could to make sure he was old enough to enjoy it. It was a rousing success.

The orangutan was one if the first exhibits that we walked through. As you can see, Noah was mesmerized. So was the orangutan. Of course, true to Noah’s love for Curious George, Noah promptly referred to him as “George!?”.

Then there were two

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The last few weeks have been kind of nuts. On March 14, my wife and I welcomed our brand new daughter, Jubilee Grace. As you can see, even her big brother couldn’t be more thrilled. We are extremely blessed.

Each week, Dan Miller’s 48 Days podcast is a must-listen. Last week, Dan asked a question that really stuck out to me.

What are you expecting of yourself?

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Unlike many, my wife and I typically don’t watch much of the talent shows on TV. But, when we do, it is usually when someone comes out of nowhere to turn heads and whose story inspires us. 13-year old Rion Page has done just that.

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We’ve all been there. You may be doing it right now. You find yourself starring at your screen, mindlessly scanning through emails, Facebook, or Twitter. All while that age old feeling builds. The feeling of work to be done. That’s right. You’re procrastinating.

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Your Labor Matters

September 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

Most of us think of Labor Day as the annual holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer. By now, most of kids are back in school, and the swimming gear has been put away for yet another year.

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